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About Bodyhack

Bodyhack’s mission:

Find the most effective fitness programs by comparing real data.

Bodyhack came into existence in October 2011. It was started by Julian Hearn, a person frustrated at the lack of progress he was making at the gym - a person who thought there must be a more reliable and effective way of getting fit. Confused at the vast array of diets and workout plans, many of which gave conflicting advice, he thought, "wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to compare which fitness methods work and which ones don’t?"

Martin Bugaj joined the founding team as co-founder due to extensive fitness knowledge. He is a certified personal trainer with over 6 years’ experience and has trained hundreds of clients. He has obtained the Gym Instructor qualification from the YMCA and the Level 3 Certificate in Advanced Personal Training from Premier Training International. He is also a boxercise instructor, owner of his own gym, and has 15 years’ experience in resistance and martial arts training (kick-boxing, boxing, muay thai, brasilian jiu jutsu).

During the next three months five people, including the founder, undertook a specially-designed program which would be the benchmark for all future programs. Bodyhack's key difference is that it won’t give wishy-washy advice that fits all; it publishes the actual meal plan and exercise log of a real person who achieved the same goals you have. And you see their week by week progress photos to prove it works.

What we believe in:

  1. Evidence
  2. Scientific method
  3. Photographic proof
  4. Whole food
  5. Clean eating
  6. Being affordable
  7. Fit for life
  8. Complete fitness plans: nutrition, exercise plan, hydration, sleep, and supplements
  9. Stuff that works

What we don’t believe in:

  • Broscience
  • Myths
  • Fad diets
  • Wishy-washy generic fitness plans
  • Fitness plans with no nutritional advice
  • Stuff that doesn't work

We aim to give you…

Evidence + demonstration = inspiration and motivation

Meet the team:

Julian Hearn: Founder and CEO
Twitter: @julianhearn | Linkedin | Blog posts on Bodyhack

Martin Bugaj: Fitness Director and Co-Founder
Twitter: @fitboxpt | Fitbox Training

Milos Matovic: Technical Development
Twitter: @matovicm | website

Sean McColgan: Community Manager
Twitter: @SeanMcColgan

Spencer Morris: Videos
Twitter: @spnsir

Tania Dakka: Content
Twitter: @taniadakka

Miguel Aragoncillo: Content
Twitter: @MAragoncillo1

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