A Warm Welcome to Bodyhack. What’s the Big Idea?

We have one aim and that is getting you fit faster and easier, in the most effective way possible.

Whether you are overweight, skinny, or of average size, no matter what you fitness goal is, whether it is to build muscle, lose weight, drop a dress size, or get toned.  There is one thing we all have in common – we want to get the results as fast and easily as possible.

It should be easy, we have more gyms than ever before, the most advanced fitness equipment available, our supermarkets are overflowing with organic and “healthy” foods, and unlimited access to fitness blogs & magazines with the latest advice (some even based on science). But it’s not working. The world is getting fatter, not fitter. Currently, approximately 64.5% of US adults are either overweight or obese.

That is a shocking statistic, so what is going on?

Why people don’t get the fitness results they want

We believe that people are getting fatter because they don’t know for sure what combination of the six key elements of a solid fitness program (exercise, diet, sleep, hydration, rest and supplements) is right for them and their goals. In fact most people don’t even set a goal and deadline before they start. As the old saying goes “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

There is so much conflicting advice, pseudoscience, and broscience out there, that finding and sticking the right plan is difficult.  This results in little progress and a loss of motivation. A typical story…

A 35-year old male want to lose his beer belly, he joins the gym, gets a (generic) program from an under-qualified gym instructor, works-out 3 days a week for a month, sees little results. So thinks “what’s the point of working out, if I’m not getting results”, gives up too soon and blames it on a lack of motivation or bad genes. In reality, he probably saw no results due to not changing his diet or alcohol consumption, or he was doing the wrong exercises for his goals, or is going to bed at one in the morning etc. So how can we make this process more effective?

Getting fit is like baking a cake

Getting fit is like baking a cake, you need the right ingredients, in the right proportion, mixed in the right order, at the right time, cooked at the right temperature, for the right amount of time, which is tricky unless you have a clear recipe to follow. This is also true for getting fit; there are lot of elements to get right.

You need to eat the right food, in the correct proportions, do the right exercise, for the right amount of reps, at the right weights, with the right amount of hydration, and supplements, with the right amount of sleep. If you get one element wrong it can greatly affect the end results, and you may end up with little results, and a lot of wasted time. Plus the recipe needs to be different depending on your starting point (your current condition and experience) and your fitness goals. We aim to find these secret recipes for achieving specific results, so you can simply follow the plan without having to create the recipe from scratch. How we will do this?

The body is a machine, so we intend to use science to hack it

The body is a machine so why don’t we treat is as one and use scientific methods to get results in a tried and tested way?

There have been thousands of scientific research papers published on the topics of fitness and nutrition but still the world is getting fatter. Sure, there is loads of scientific information out there but who has the time to wade through it all, let alone understand it. Plus, often the latest research appears to contradict previous research. Example, it is commonly said that to lose weight you need to keep your metabolism high by eating six smaller meals a day, but lots of studies have shown that there is little difference between nibbling and gorging, check out this summary which references 29 different studies on this issue alone. It’s not practical for the average person to keep on top of the latest research, misinformation and conflicting advice, which results in people being unsure which way to turn or which advice to follow.

We will use the best personal trainers to create effective programs and prove they work

Our plan is to employ the world’s best personal trainers, who understand all the scientific research. They will create the most effective programs and prove they work by putting real people through different programs to achieve different goals, e.g. build muscle, lose fat, etc. These programs will be adapted depending on the experience and current condition of the guinea pig, e.g. whether they are inexperienced, overweight, skinny, etc. The result of this research will be the most detailed and easy to follow fitness plans available, or back to my cake analogy, a clear and easy to follow fitness recipe.

Fitness programs based on science and research

Our programs won’t give advice on what to eat or what exercises are best, each program will show you exactly the meals they ate, every exercise they did, the amount of sleep they had, and the supplements they took. We will show you how someone with a similar profile to you achieved the goals you want in the easiest and fastest way. Once you have seen the results you will know it is possible and have a blueprint to follow. Because you can see the weekly photos you will know the results are possible and this will inspire you to stick with the program. It is a full time job trying to keep up with the latest trends and recommendations in fitness, so hack it by simply following diet and fitness routines that work!

Get fit, Get strong, Get early beta access

The plan is to launch a private beta of Bodyhack in April 2012, with a wide release a month or two later.  If you like to be involved in the beta test please get in touch with me Julian@bodyhack.com, your feedback will be invaluable.

We’re also active on Twitter and Pinterest.  You are also welcome to shoot me an email with ideas, questions, etc.

The future is bright.

Kind regards,

Julian Hearn

Founder, Managing Director.

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