How to Turn Disaster into Opportunity – An Interview with Amanda Russell

Road Closed Quote from Einstein

What would you do if you had a burning desire to achieve an ambitious goal, and suddenly a PERMANENT roadblock was put in front of you that made it impossible to ever achieve that goal and shattered your dreams?

Amanda Russell

Ask Amanda Russell.

Amanda was a world-class distance runner, who received a scholarship to a Division 1 University (Note: D1 means it is one of the top schools in the US).

An Olympic hopeful, Amanda’s dreams were brought to a halt when she broke her femur during training.

What now?

I talked to Amanda and she shared her inspiring story, and then we got into the nuts and bolts of her training program and videos, giving you lots of tips and advice for your training journey.

Amanda Russell Interview

Key Learnings

  • No pain, no gain” sounds nice in theory, but can have life-altering consequences if followed as part of a training philosophy. It’s better to train smart than to set yourself up for injury.
  • Problems can crush us, but they always bring with them an opportunity to grow, learn, and give to others
  • To keep yourself from giving in to food cravings, eat clean and healthy 80% of the time, and allow yourself your favourites 20% of the time
  • Some training programs may work better for men or women, and for different goals, but the most important thing is you’re doing something on a regular basis (daily) to exercise your body

Amanda Russell Profile PictureAmanda Russell, CPT, MBA, is a fitness and lifestyle writer, professional keynote speaker, Olympic-trained athlete, celebrity fitness expert, model, spokeswoman and founder of The AR Program.

Post-Interview Thoughts

I think part of the beauty of life is that we can set goals for ourselves, and make progress towards them, but something unexpected always occurs. It’s almost as if these unexpected events, people, or ideas are sent to us, as a way to rise up and become better.

Just imagine how easy it would have been for Amanda to give up hope after breaking her leg. It would’ve been so easy to hang back, kick her feet up, and have a pity party for herself. But she didn’t. She jumped back into the swing of things, and today she can still run and is helping to make a positive difference in the world through her YouTube channel, website and other communication channels.

Learn from Amanda’s story! Trouble strikes us all, we all go through problems, how can you rise above yours?

Are you rising above the problems in your life right now?

or are you playing victim to them?


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  • Nicholas

    Great read and interview.  A truly inspiring person.  Thanks!

    • Spencer Morris

      Thanks Nicholas