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What Layne Norton Can Teach Us About Building Muscle

Alright gym noobs, skinny dudes, hardgainers… Gather ’round.

If you wanted to build as much muscle as possible without using illegal drugs, what would you do?

You could just hit the gym, and make up your own plan from exercises you see the gym rats doing. Uh, good luck…

Or you could buy a bodybuilding magazine, and see how those half-human half-beasts are training, in between their injection sessions in the dark corners of the locker room. Err. Maybe not.

Or even better, you could go to all the forums and websites and read about a million different ways to train, endlessly searching for the program. Well, actually, that might take way too much time.

Wait, I got it.

Layne NortonYou’d ask one of the top natural bodybuilders in the world, who is also a doctor and studies skeletal muscle protein metabolism (getting jacked) for a living.

That’s what we did, and today, we’re sharing that interview with you.

Enter Dr. Layne Norton

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What Losing 280 Pounds Looks Like: An Unbelievable Before and After

Jesse Stilwell Before and After

Yes… that is the same man in the two photos above.

I am super excited because today you’re going to learn exactly how Jesse Stilwell lost nearly 300 pounds in the past 2 years.

Jesse took me step-by-step through his weight training, diet, motivation strategies, and journey to transform his body and life. We hope his story will inspire you to commit to any health goals you may have.

Without further ado…

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The Man Behind the Results: Interview with Bodyhack’s Fitness Director – Martin Bugaj

Every once in a while, it’s fun to pull back the curtain and see what’s going on behind the scenes. Today, we’re pulling back that curtain just a teensy bit, and talking to Martin of Fitbox Studio about his ideas on training, diet, and living a healthy life.

Martin of Fitbox Studio

Martin is the trainer behind the dramatic transformations of Julian and Michael, Talya, and Simon. The transformations are so good that we’ve been repeatedly accused of using photoshop or some other wizardry. I can assure you that’s not the case. This is what working hard and working smart looks like. Not bad eh?

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Talya Lost 21lbs and dropped from a size 14 to 10, in 12 Weeks on the Bodyhack Challenge

The first woman to complete the Bodyhack fitness challenge is Talya. In 12 weeks she lost 21lbs, dropped from a size 14 to size 10, reduced her waist from 34 inches to 29 inches, and reduced her body fat from 41% to 32%. All this from someone who hasn’t exercised much before. What an amazing job!

Here is a video to prove the photos haven’t been photoshopped

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How to Lose 50 Pounds: Interview with Carlyn Giuriceo

Would you like to lose some weight?

If statistics are correct, you and 6/10 others just perked up a bit.

But it’s almost not exciting anymore. You’ve been given so many promises: eat this, take this pill, do this workout, do that, and still haven’t been able to lose the flab.

At Bodyhack we like to base plans on REAL results, and today, we’re going to find out exactly how Carlyn Giuriceo lost 50 pounds.

But first, check the before and after:

Carlyn's Before and After Shot

That could be you… For more before and after pictures, you can go to Carlyn’s blog here:

Now let’s get into how she did it.

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The Incredible Shrinking Man – 31lbs Lost in 12 Weeks

Since being on the Bodyhack challenge Simon has lost 31lbs and his body fat has dropped from 27% to 19%, amazing! Another cool stat is that his waist reduced from 39 inces to 31 inches. Simon’s colleagues at work have begun to call him the “incredible shrinking man”, checkout the photos below…

Week 1 and week 14 front photo

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Before You Hire a Personal Trainer, Listen to This Interview with Anthony Pereira

Personal Trainer

Alright fit folks, there’s something you need to know:

Not all personal trainers are “trained” equally.

Anthony Pereira, a Clinical Physiologist (and Personal Trainer), created Train or Be Trained to address the wide array of trainers out there and bring awareness to the general public of the different training styles available…

…and to the fact that while there are many competent and educated trainers out there, it is still a profession that can attract those only interested in the money, without passion or a care about your health.

In this interview, Anthony shares his wisdom on Personal Trainers and what you should know before hiring one.

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Video to Prove My Photos Weren’t Photoshopped

Some people (not too many) have said that the photos of my 12 week transformation have been photoshopped. I know they weren’t but it’s difficult to prove. So we decided to make a short video to prove the results. Here is it…

We should have taken this video at the end of

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Skinny Fat Founder Strips for Launch of New Company

I’m the founder of Bodyhack and felt it was my duty to not just fund and build the company but to be the initial guinea pig for our fitness plans. I have to say I’m rather pleased with the results…

I wasn’t passionate about my business which made millions

I previously built up an internet business from scratch to over 500,000 visits per month, and millions in profit per

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How to Turn Disaster into Opportunity – An Interview with Amanda Russell

Road Closed Quote from Einstein

What would you do if you had a burning desire to achieve an ambitious goal, and suddenly a PERMANENT roadblock was put in front of you that made it impossible to ever achieve that goal and shattered your dreams?

Amanda Russell

Ask Amanda Russell.

Amanda was a world-class distance runner, who received a scholarship to a Division 1 University (Note: D1 means it is one of the top schools in the US).

An Olympic hopeful, Amanda’s dreams were brought to a halt when she broke her femur during training.

What now?

I talked to Amanda and she shared her inspiring story, and then we got into the nuts and bolts of her training program and videos, giving you lots of tips and advice for your training journey.

Amanda Russell Interview

Key Learnings

  • No pain, no gain” sounds nice in theory, but can have life-altering consequences if followed as part of a training philosophy. It’s better to train smart than to set yourself up for injury.

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