Cardio Workout Music: 7 Uplifting Tracks to Make You Work Harder


In a study published in 2009, researchers at Liverpool John Moores University found that listening to high energy music while working out increased distance covered/unit time, power and pedal cadence by 2.4%. Not only did the controlled study group work harder with faster music but also chose to do so and enjoyed the music more.

The music was played faster, the participants chose to accept, and even prefer, a greater degree of effort.

- Effects of music tempo upon submaximal cycling performance

Here are seven tracks ranging from 110 BPM to 174 BPM that will help you push yourself harder in your cardio workouts.

Stars On 33 – This Is Love

Ok, lets get warmed up. BPM is set at 120. The Key is F sharp minor. Lace your running shoes, stick on your headphones and breathe deeply. You are about to begin the ultimate cardio workout.

[iTunes Link]

Feed Me – One Click Headshot

Taking the tempo down to 110 BPM before you go all out on the next track – don’t worry though! At 0.57 seconds you’ll be uncontrollably running like a machine.

[iTunes Link]

Mord Fustang – Lick The Rainbow

Sweating yet? Raising the tempo to 128 and key switch to E Minor. If you are on a bike or treadmill in a gym – turn the incline up for the first 2.00 mins of this monster of a track by Mord Fustang. Reduce the incline 2.00-2.22 and turn up the speed. You know what to do at 2.23 mins – Lick The Rainbow!

[iTunes Link]

Sasha – Xpander

This timeless classic of a track by Sasha will not only have you pushing harder – it will help reduce any perception of effort thanks to it’s mesmerizing synth hooks and warm melodies flying through your head at 128 BPM.

[iTunes Link]

Miike Snow – Black And Blue (Netsky Remix)

The second to last stretch. Turning the BPM dial up to 170. This banger of a remix by Netsky should have you pushing yourself hard.

[iTunes Link]

Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me (Drumsound & Bassline Remix)

The last 5 tracks were just a warmup! Raising the tempo to 174 BPM your cardio session is about to get a lot more intense! Ideal music for a fat burning HIIT workoutMake it Count!

[iTunes Link]

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

Time to cool down with this incredible uplifting track by Todd Terje. Workout done. You are sweating, smiling and most definitely ready for a well deserved shower.

[iTunes Link]

There you go 7 uplifting tracks to make you work harder at your next cardio workout session.

What track makes you work harder, better, faster, stronger?

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  • Spencer Morris

    A lot of these tracks are pretty awesome Sean. One of my favourite runs was when I was in Indianapolis. I had downloaded an episode from Felix Cartal’s Weekend Workout. Awesome podcast (and free!).

    • Sean

      Nice one Spencer!  Just grabbed the latest Felix Cartal podcast. 

      Amazing :)  

  • Tania Dakka

    These were cool tracks:) Thanks for sharing! Anything powerful gets me moving.