Fit Beyond 50: Ten Inspirational Female Role Models


We saw how the guys fared in the over 50 and Fit category in my last post.

This one is for the girls.

Here are 10 amazingly fit women over 50…steal what you can and put it to use for you today. If you work hard at being healthy and looking great now, it’ll become a natural part of life later. There are so many awesome women here, but the one I love the most is at the bottom. And you’ll see why: Attitude is everything.

So, without further ado, let’s see how great we can be after 50.

1. Cory Everson


Age: 54
Accomplishment: Won Ms.Olympia 6 times in a row

Cory Everson was an inspiration to women everywhere. Even if your goal wasn’t to be buff or ripped, you knew who she was. While out of the limelight now, she still trains and makes it her goal to help others achieve theirs. As you can see from this video last year, she still rocks the weights.

2. Elisabeth Halfpapp

Elisabeth Halfpapp

Age:  52
Accomplishment: The co-creator of Core Fusion, a barre workout that leaves you breathless.

Elizabeth and her husband are still very much a part of the fitness scene. They make sure the fridge is stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies for their Mediterranean eating-style. And like true Mediterraneans, they enjoy a good vino once in a while, too.

3. Madonna


Age: 53
Accomplishment: Really? Do we need to go here?

Madonna rocks the barre, but that’s only one of her fitness loves. She loves Zumba and yoga, too. She knows the value of her workouts and gives them credit for keeping her centered and focused among the chaos that is her life. Another of her secrets is coconut water for hydration. Always an inspiration…especially when she she enveloped in perspiration.

4. Betty Jean McHugh


Age:  85
Accomplishment: Established a W82 single age half marathon record in 2010, but also took the record for oldest marathoner in 2005

Betty Jean still runs at 85 years old. If you check out her “Fans of Betty Jean McHugh” Facebook page, you’ll find her still updating her fans with her running habits. While her running route may not be as straight as it was (with side stops at coffee shops), the fact that she is still happy and running at age 85 is an awesome feat.

5. Janet Spreiter


Age: 54
Accomplishment: Tremendous fit painter living her dream in Hawaii.

Janet is not your average 50-something mom of two. She also surfs, paints, and works out. She rocks the canvas with her pastels and her planks.

6. Maxine Johnson

Age: 55
Accomplishment: She’s the new Fit 50+ model and inspiring mothers everywhere to achieve their dreams no matter how old they are.

Rachel still looks great at 56 and is still inspiring women everywhere. She’s not as visible as she once was, but she still has the guns to show that she’s still very active and into her fitness lifestyle.

7. Rachel McLish


Age: 56
Accomplishment: A former Ms.Olympia, actress, and author.

Rachel still looks great at 56 and is still inspiring women everywhere. She’s not as visible as she once was, but she still has the guns to show that she’s still very active and into her fitness lifestyle.

8. Christie Brinkley


Age:  58
Accomplishment: The longest running contract of any model ever with CoverGirl.

Christie Brinkley has had her ups and down during her career, but she has come out on top…again. She’s doing Broadway, skincare and more…to keep a schedule like hers, she has to stay in shape.

9. Denise Austin


Age: 55
Accomplishment: A 25-year fitness career.

Denise is well-known for her myriad of fitness DVDs and her perky attitude to help get you through her workouts. She’s been so dedicated to helping others get fit, that she was given a spot on the President’s Council on Fitness and Sports in 2007. Denise still looks great and is still pushing others to do their best everyday.

10. Jamie Lee Curtis


Age: 53
Accomplishment: Long-running actress, best-selling author, and Huffington Post blogger

As with most stars, Jamie’s had an up and down career in acting, but one thing she’s learned from all of it is this: “To me, perfection is being happy with who you are. Look at me, I’m happy,” she told CBSNews in 2003. Jamie is a shining example of what you can accomplish when you love your body the way it is. She even posed topless for AARP and did a piece on herself called “Top Thighs” to expose her imperfect body as a spoof on her figure during the filming of “Top Lies.”

There you go. If you thought that age would stop you from being who you want to be, that thought has just been banished. Fitness after 50 is beautiful and possible.

Who is your favorite 50+ fit woman?

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  • Shanti

    The list is wonderful however I can think of a few special women who need to be on it too like Tribute to Farrah after her amazing layout at 52 for Playboy and how about unknown women like our many over 50 bike athletes and amazing rock climbers or even tiger tamers like Tippi Hedron are staying in shape 

  • Gumby

    I am surprised that 9 out of ten are just over 50. They are all great ladies but more variety might be good… Like Sister Madonna 80 year old doing iron man tri-athlons!

  • laprell

    What about Shea Vaughn? You could never imagine she was 72 and not 27 when you see her!

  • Njames

    I just found this blog. Ok.. where are the women of color. Come on, I will just name one and you do the rest. Vanessa Williams!! Granted she just turned 50 but, a beautiful example of woman of color over 50. Please do your research

    • Cavatar

      Sade, Chaka Khan and Ernestine Shepherd is 73 body builder.

    • sei no sei

      You are so right

    • Reina Rose

      Tina Turner! She’s my favorite!

  • sherry

    Great Blog! I think Cory is great! They are all great!
    I did a Bodybuilding show at 50.

  • bean

    DONNA LOREN (Mickey Mouse Club, “It Only Hurts When I Cry” ) she’s about 70; her bod is FAB! Has blog w/salad recipes!

  • AlexandraLee

    wow..Some of them look younger 30years.Keep fit always can keep body skin more yonger than same age’s peaple