Fit Beyond 50: Ten Inspirational Male Role Models

Living “fit” is common among the young.

But what about the “young at heart”?

The ideal for society is youth, marriage and family, then age and death. The myth that you start dying as soon as you’re born gives the majority of society a reason to give up their journey for youth as soon as they get married. But, as you’ll see below, there’s a growing trend to debunk that myth.

I dare you to compare your feats to the feats these Greats accomplish each day:

1. Larry Macon

Age: 67
Accomplishment: Ran his 113th marathon in one year and was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records at age 67.

Why he runs:
He doesn’t run to win. He runs to live. His pace is slower than others and he likes it that way. He gets to meet new people and socialize. And that’s what life is about for this full-time trial attorney
from San Antonio, who will do anything to make it to a race. Larry often runs 2-3 marathons in one weekend!

When’s the last time you ran more than one marathon at a time?

2. Don Wildman

Don Wildman

Age:  79
Accomplishment: At age 75 was declared the “World’s Healthiest 75 Year Old”

Tough as Nails:
Instead of retiring from life when the founder of the now “Bally Fitness Club” retired from his profession, he continued his fitness quest: working out daily. His workouts aren’t just any workouts, though. You may find him in his home gym doing 3-hour all body workouts and then hitting the bike trails. Or you may find him surfing near his home.

Can you hang ten with this Phenom?

3. Marco Olmo

Marco Olmo

Age: 64
Accomplishment: At 58 years old, won the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, known as the toughest marathon race in the world.

It took Marco 30 years to win his first big race. But, in 2006, at 58 years old, Marco took the Grand Prize. He won the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc…the toughest marathon race in the world. His Kilamanjaro came when he won it for the second time in 2007.

Would you persist at a sport that if you knew it would take 30 years to ace it?

4. Tony Horton

tony horton

Age:  54
Accomplishment: Tony’s the creator of the tremendous P90X fitness system.

A Way of Life:
Tony’s love of fitness helped him evolve from aspirations to become an actor to becoming one of today’s top fitness trainers. He may be hitting his mid 50’s but he’s just getting warmed up. As a trainer to the stars, Tony show no signs of slowing down just because time (and society) says he should.

What will you be doing at 54?

5. Charles Eugster

Age: 92
Accomplishment: He’s a 92 year old bodybuilder.

Not Looking for Youth:
“We’re told that old age is a continuous state of decline, and that  we should stop working, slow down and prepare to die. I disagree. To me, a 65-year-old is young. I turn 92 this year. It is a frightening prospect – the law of averages is against me, and, yes, one day something will happen and that will be it. But until that day comes, I’m going to carry on working on my abs,” Charles told The Guardian. An inspirational story from a then 91-year old bodybuilder.

92 and looking great! What will you look like at that age?

6. Herbie Bowen


Age: 60
Accomplishment: Every day, he does 700 push ups, 10 sets of pull ups, and 10 sets of dips.

Just Like You:
Herbie is an average guy…just like you. He lives to workout and that’s what he does. Every. Day. 700. Push. Ups.

Can you do it?

7. Chuck Norris


Age:  72
Accomplishment: Spokesman for Total Gym, martial artist and all around badass.

Total Gym:
As the endorser for Total Gym, at 72, he’s now been a USER of the Total Gym for  34 years.  While his workout is varied, he spends 15 minutes on it every other day and will incorporate the treadmill or elliptical for 30 mins on those days. Other days, you can find him doing martial arts or swimming.

8. Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker

Age: 50
Accomplishment: At 50, he’s still an active MMA fighter.

His Gig:
Few people outside of the MMA arena know that Herschel Walker, a former football great, is now a 50 year old MMA fighter. He still trains daily with a routine that consists of a grueling 3500 sit ups, 150 pushups and 8-mile runs!

At your age, how do you compare?

9. Dr. Jeffry Life

Jeffery Life

Age: 73
Accomplishment: Uses hormone therapy to stay young through Cenegenics.

Dr. Life’s Life:
For Dr. Life, life consists of hormone replacement therapy in addition to his daily regimen of a healthy diet and strenuous exercise. At 73 years old, he’s the proud owner of a 30-year old body.

10. Mark Sissons

Mark Sisson

Age: 58
Accomplishment: Super active, super clean eating health leader in the nutritional supplement field.

What’s the Scoop:
Mark Sisson is a remarkable 58 year old inspiration for those of us seeking to live a fitness lifestyle. With the right tools and mindset, he achieves his fitness goals. Everyday Mark enjoys a giant salad from a 6 quart Tupperware and firmly believes in a healthy, balanced lifestyle. He eats clean and exercises 5-6 days a week and sleeps 7 hours a night. At 58, he loves snowboarding and runs a nutritional supplement business.

Are you as healthy as this 58 year old?

Bonus:Readers Submissions

11. Mark Capurso


Age: 50

What’s the Scoop:

Mark turns 51 next month. He has been working out consistently since college–a combination of weight training, mountain biking and hiking. Diet regime – 5 small meals a day with an emphasis on lean protein. He is an Art Director and Landscape Photographer in Phoenix, AZ. And single!

There you have it in black and white…and full living color…living a healthy life doesn’t stop after 50…it only gets more intense. Where will your body be at age 50? Slumped down on the couch waiting for the end? Or zigging and zagging to escape it?

Have we missed someone who deserves a mention? Drop a comment below.

p.s Look out for next weeks post highlighting 10 inspirational female role models.

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  • Tania Dakka

    Totally blown away by Mark Sissons, Herschel Walker, Herbie Bowen and Don Wildman. What inspirations…and what SHAME on me now! LOL Their routines are AWESOME.

  • Sean

    Love it! Another great post Tania! 

    Marco Olmo is my new hero. 

  • Peter

    I am the proud owner of a lean mean super fit body. I am 54! Can I send a picture and if so where to?

    • Sean

      Hey Peter great to hear! 

      Send it to 

      Can you also send me details of your fitness regime and diet?

  • Ockert Lotriet

    Wow!!!! I’m 48. Still hope for me.

  • Bobby Cullari

    Wow – great inspiration for those not willing to surrender their fitness to middle age.

  • guest

    You need to go to FB page called Fitguysover50. New players for this blog

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Tania, check out this guy, Steve Baze 66 years old and incredibly fit .

  • Anonymous

    Why does Chuck Norris have to do that goofy eye squint. It doesn’t make him look tough, if that’s what he’s shooting for.

  • patrick

    one that readily comes to mind is Bernard Hopkins.would sit easily amongst these guys