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Ditch the Gym: An Expert’s Advice on Getting Fit at Home

For many people, gyms are a convenient way to get into shape. But sometimes, gyms can be quite a scary place where people feel judged, get stared at, and feel self-conscious. Besides, why workout in a sweaty, musty gym when you can train outdoors with fresh air, or in your living room or basement where you don’t have to worry about any weird looks or awkward moments.

Today’s guest, Jon Ham, runs a personal training company called Fitness on the Run, that specializes in training people from within their house and out in the great outdoors.

Jon Ham

I asked him for some tips on where you should start if you’d like to train at home, and he shared his favourite exercises, tricks to stay motivated, and some thoughts on training in general.

If gyms aren’t your thing, check out what Jon has to say about working out at home.

Jon Ham Interview

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25 Fitness Bloggers on Google+ You Should Add to Your Circles


Google recently gave their social network, Google+, a complete overhaul. With new navigation, a redesigned stream, dedicated hangouts pages and a Facebook style timeline cover.

With the recent redesign and continual push of the the social network. The platform now boasts over 170 million registered users including a burgeoning fitness community.

In todays post we want to highlight 25 of our favourite fitness bloggers on Google’s ever expanding network – Add them to your circles, maybe even connect in hangouts.

1. Lisa Johnson


Lisa is a certified personal trainer, a certified Pilates instructor, who runs an award-winning Pilates studio based in Boston, Massachusetts.

You can find Lisa blogging over at Lisa Johnson Fitness for everything for a healthy body – that even includes how to workout like a Jedi!

Interesting Fact: Lisa is the first Pilates instructor admitted as an educational affiliate of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecologists.

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How to Lose 50 Pounds: Interview with Carlyn Giuriceo

Would you like to lose some weight?

If statistics are correct, you and 6/10 others just perked up a bit.

But it’s almost not exciting anymore. You’ve been given so many promises: eat this, take this pill, do this workout, do that, and still haven’t been able to lose the flab.

At Bodyhack we like to base plans on REAL results, and today, we’re going to find out exactly how Carlyn Giuriceo lost 50 pounds.

But first, check the before and after:

Carlyn's Before and After Shot

That could be you… For more before and after pictures, you can go to Carlyn’s blog here:

Now let’s get into how she did it.

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Before You Hire a Personal Trainer, Listen to This Interview with Anthony Pereira

Personal Trainer

Alright fit folks, there’s something you need to know:

Not all personal trainers are “trained” equally.

Anthony Pereira, a Clinical Physiologist (and Personal Trainer), created Train or Be Trained to address the wide array of trainers out there and bring awareness to the general public of the different training styles available…

…and to the fact that while there are many competent and educated trainers out there, it is still a profession that can attract those only interested in the money, without passion or a care about your health.

In this interview, Anthony shares his wisdom on Personal Trainers and what you should know before hiring one.

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What James Fitzgerald, a CrossFit Champion, Can Teach Us About Mental Toughness

Since 2007, CrossFit has organized a competition, “The CrossFit Games,” in an attempt to test the fittest men and women on the planet.

CrossFit Games

I remember watching the 2009 Games and being glued to my screen in awe by how tough the events looked. I couldn’t fathom how most of the athletes were still alive after the hammering they took on the first day, let alone how they must have felt after that weekend.

James Fitzgerald at the 2009 CrossFit Games

James Fitzgerald

Today we’re talking to one of those athletes, James Fitzgerald, the winner of the 2007 CrossFit Games, and a competitor in the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Games. The mental strength and toughness I watched him display during those 2009 Games was unlike anything I’d ever witnessed. I literally thought that he might die, but watched him continue to push himself harder and harder.

In this interview, we talk about his experiences competing in the Games, and also about his training, coaching program, and other insights from his life. Enjoy!

James Fitzgerald Interview

25 Awesome Personal Trainers you should be following on Twitter


Thanks to Twitter, we now all have access to the best personal trainers in the world.

No need to walk into a gym or sign up for an expensive gym membership.

You can access the thoughts and insights of the following awesome personal trainers. Follow them, tweet them, read their blogs, check out their workout videos, and online training programmes.

1. Casey Ho (@blogilates)

Casey Ho is a Pilates fitness instructor. She creates the most amazing POP Pilates workout videos and is a YouTube next trainer. If you want to learn about Pilates, eating clean and living well – Casey can help.

2. Jason Ferruggia (@JasonFerruggia)

Jason Ferruggia is a highly sought after, world renowned strength coach, author of the renegade diet and the chief training adviser to Men’s Fitness Magazine.

3. Daniel Vadnal (@fitnessfaqs)

Daniel Vadnal runs FitnessFAQs – A YouTube channel that focuses on Bodyweight Training. Provides workouts, exercise demonstrations and injury prevention techniques so that one can master their own bodyweight. Look out for our forthcoming video interview with Daniel in the next couple of weeks.

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21 Inspirational Health & Fitness accounts you should be following on Pinterest


I know, I know. Not another blog post about Pinterest. I hear you cry! You already know about it’s insane growth, who’s using it, and why you should be on it!

The invitation-only site now has over 11 million registered users worldwide, 9 million monthly Facebook-connected users, and an incredible 2 million daily Facebook users.

That’s all well and good you say, but what does it have do with fitness? Well, the site has attracted a strong health/fitness userbase who are fanatical about sharing great content!

In today’s post, we want to highlight 21 members of this growing community. If you’re just getting started with Pinterest, or are looking for some new users to follow – connect with these accounts for daily uplifting content, healthy recipes and workouts.

1. Nicole Culver

Looking for a knowledgeable nutritionist to follow on Pinterest? Nicole Culver is is a nutrition counselor, baker, meal planner, runner,exerciser, and blogger at FreshNewTrition. Check out her deliciousness board for a collection of awesome recipes / images from around the web as well as from her very own Healthy snacks food Co.


2. Carlyn Giuriceo

Carlyn’s description on Pinterest is a quote from

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