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Holy Shit! Wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss has Gigantic Balls of Steel

This is video is not related to fitness but god damn it’s a must see. Jeb Corliss is a US basejumper who has spread his wings into wingsuit flying with amazing results. Basejump is pretty crazy but is clearly limited by gravity, you jump, you fall then you land. With the invention of wingsuits in the

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87 Excuses not to exercise, all BS!

Maybe you have seen this before, maybe you haven’t, either way it’s motivational. This Nike TV advert shows Basketball Player Matt Scott listed a load of bullsh*t excuses for not working out. At first you are lead to think “it’s easy for him to say he is a big, stong, fit guy who is clearly genetically gifted” but that ain’t true. Watch the video then you’ll realise why he has a better excuse than most but decides not to give into BS excuses.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 Secrets to Success

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bad ass. He has been a successful powerlifter, bodybuilder, actor, polician, and business man.

So what are the secrets to his success, how can a man be successful in such a diverse range of fields? Watch this short video and you’ll find out from the man himself

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No squat rack, no gym, no weights, but serious display of functional strength

Check out these young dudes showing some serious functional strength. Just goes to show that you don’t need to be generically gifted, don’t need a gym, nor a squat rack to get seriously strong.

How strong can you get with no weights?

If you have never seen what Hannibal for King can do, you’ve missed out. He performs some AMAZING feats of strength, that very few people in the world can do. This super strength has all be gained without any weights, no squats, no bench press, no dumbbell, just good old bodyweight training. Sure he must be

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Pain is temporary, at the end of pain is SUCCESS.

If you are finding things tough spend just 3 minutes listening to this motivational speech.

Eric Thomas, aka The Hip Hop Preacher, is the man who made this speech, if you liked the clip above and want to watch the whole “secret to sucess” presentation, check it out

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Ditch the Gym: An Expert’s Advice on Getting Fit at Home

For many people, gyms are a convenient way to get into shape. But sometimes, gyms can be quite a scary place where people feel judged, get stared at, and feel self-conscious. Besides, why workout in a sweaty, musty gym when you can train outdoors with fresh air, or in your living room or basement where you don’t have to worry about any weird looks or awkward moments.

Today’s guest, Jon Ham, runs a personal training company called Fitness on the Run, that specializes in training people from within their house and out in the great outdoors.

Jon Ham

I asked him for some tips on where you should start if you’d like to train at home, and he shared his favourite exercises, tricks to stay motivated, and some thoughts on training in general.

If gyms aren’t your thing, check out what Jon has to say about working out at home.

Jon Ham Interview

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A Marathon A Day: How One Man Ran 365 Marathons In a Row

Impossible,” is what most people would say. Not Stefaan. After setting a Guinness World Record in 2008 for running 20 long-distance triathlons in a year, he decided in 2010 it was time to step it up even more. Way more… So much more that my body is in pain just thinking about this next sentence:

Stefaan ran a marathon a day for a year straight. 365 marathons. No rest days. No excuses.

Stefaan Engels running

When asked about the experience by a journalist, this is how he described the challenge:

I don’t regard my marathon year as torture. It is more like a regular job. I am running just as Joe Average goes to work on Monday morning, whether or not he feels like it. I don’t always feel like running, but when I am done, I take a shower, have some physiotherapy for an hour and that wraps up my day.

Clockwork. Get up, run, recover, repeat. I can guarantee you that if you show this level of commitment to anything in your life, you’ll be successful, whether it’s diet and exercise, career, finance, or relationships.


Stefaan Engels Interview

What Losing 280 Pounds Looks Like: An Unbelievable Before and After

Jesse Stilwell Before and After

Yes… that is the same man in the two photos above.

I am super excited because today you’re going to learn exactly how Jesse Stilwell lost nearly 300 pounds in the past 2 years.

Jesse took me step-by-step through his weight training, diet, motivation strategies, and journey to transform his body and life. We hope his story will inspire you to commit to any health goals you may have.

Without further ado…

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7 Ways to Live Longer and Be Happier


Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, a young lady sat in genetics class doodling aimlessly when she accidentally overheard the professor’s lecture. The words he spoke at that moment forever changed her life. He said, “Just because you were born with particular genes doesn’t mean you’re doomed to develop those traits.”


As the offspring of parents who suffered from diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity, naturally, he captured me.

epigenomeWhat he, so long ago, referred to is now known as the epigenome. Beautiful word, isn’t it? It’s the idea that genes are triggered according to external factors, i.e. what we eat, our level of physical fitness, stress, and our environment. But, let’s all agree that this isn’t genetics class and there’s A LOT more to genes that just turning them on and off so easily. OK?

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