Holy Shit! Wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss has Gigantic Balls of Steel

This is video is not related to fitness but god damn it’s a must see. Jeb Corliss is a US basejumper who has spread his wings into wingsuit flying with amazing results. Basejump is pretty crazy but is clearly limited by gravity, you jump, you fall then you land. With the invention of wingsuits in the 1990s the sky has been opened up to host of new tricks and daring feats. The added surface area means the jumper can fly for a much longer time than a pure skydiver. A human flying in the open air is pretty risky but Jeb takes it to a whole new level by flying really close to the ground, cliffs and other physical structure, he even flew through the waterfalls (see below) and a cave.

The first video is called “grinding the crack” this shows Jeb doing a basejump then flying super close to the cliffs at speeds at up to 122 mph. He uses a friend holding some balloons to illustrate how close he is to the ground, it must be as little as 10 feet, crazy! His friend had a camera in his hand but had to jump out of the way in fear of his life. Like Jeb said “I came extremely close on that one” then laughed, that guy has balls of steel. Pretty cool music too, “Sail” by AWOLNATION.

Next up is Jeb flying through a cave in China.

And here is Jeb flying through a waterfall

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